2023 Scholarship

This year we are offering one continuing $6,000.00 scholarship and two one-time grants of $2,500.00

The application process begins in the Spring. After receipt of all applications, 6 to 9 applicants are chosen for a short interview process, after which the final selections are made.

To date, the Clancy Board has given scholarships and grants to more than 241 deserving applicants, most of whom have graduated from college, and a few of whom are continuing their studies post-graduate. Details of our alumni and the application process, including a downloadable application, may be found by clicking the appropriate button on our home page. E-mail may be addressed to: HelenClancyFound@gmail.com


Helen Miller Clancy was a resident of Vashon Island, Washington for over forty years prior to her death in 1993 at age 98. She was a graduate of Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan, and taught kindergarten in the Detroit school system for many years before moving to Vashon. She had many close friends and was known among Vashon’s nonprofit organizations as a generous donor.

Tragically, her only son predeceased her, and when she died, Ms.Clancy left her sizable estate to a number of nonprofit groups and educational institutions, and, by direction in her will, established the Helen Miller Clancy Scholarship Foundation


The Helen Miller Clancy Scholarship Foundation
Helen Miller Clancy was a Vashon Island resident for over 45 years. Prior to coming to Washington, she was a kindergarten teacher with the Detroit Public School System. She was known by many of the Island nonprofit organizations as a generous donor. She made sizable gifts during her lifetime to the Vashon-Maury Island Senior Center, Vashon Allied Arts, the Soroptimist Club, Vashon Food Bank, Vashon Youth and Family Services and many others.

Mrs. Clancy died in December 1993, but left a valuable legacy to Vashon Island youth by establishing the Helen Miller Clancy Scholarship Foundation. The major scholarship recipient(s) selected by the Foundation each year will be eligible for continuing funds throughout his, her or their college career if scholarship criteria continue to be met. Since 1995, its first year of grant making, the Foundation has awarded a grand total exceeding $809,000 in scholarships to Vashon Island students!

The scholarship competition is open to graduating high school seniors who are residents of Vashon Island, Washington. Note that it is not a requirement to be a senior at Vashon High School.

Students will be judged on the criteria of scholarship, financial need, leadership and other personal achievements.

In 2022 the Board of Directors selected one applicant for an annual grant of $6,000.00 for the duration of her educational training. Several other applicants received one-time grants of $2,500.00. In 2023 the Board of Directors will select one applicant for an annual grant of at least $6,000.00 and at least two applicants for one-time grants of $2,500.00 or more. The continuing grants are conditioned on remaining in school as a full time enrolled student and maintaining a ‘B’ average. The amount of the scholarships are determined in January or February of each year by the Board of Directors at their annual meeting. Grants are never reduced.

Application Process
Applicants must submit the following materials postmarked by Fri., April 7, 2023:

  • A completed application form can be obtained by writing or calling the above address or downloaded from www.HMCSF.org). You may also check with your college counselor.)
  • An unofficial copy of high school transcript
  • A resume (details on application)
  • A short essay- maximum 2 pages. (details on application)
  • Two letters of recommendation. (details on application)

All mailings should be sent to the following address:

Helen Miller Clancy Scholarship Foundation
19001 Vashon Hwy SW, Ste 209
Vashon, WA 98070

Note that no application will be considered unless it is postmarked not later than April 7, 2023.

Selection Process
Individuals will be notified of their selection for a personal interview on or before May 1, 2023. Personal interviews will take place around the middle of May. The 2023 recipients of the Helen Miller Clancy Scholarships will be selected from that group.

All information provided to the Helen Miller Clancy Scholarship Foundation by an applicant will be held in strict confidentiality with the exception of the names of the winners of the scholarships.

Questions concerning the application form, the selection process, or other issues may be addressed to David F. Cooper at (206) 463-3608 or HelenClancyFound@gmail.com

Class of 2018
Class of 2018

Past Recipients

Emma Deines, 2022
University of Washington

Corinne Ryan, 2021
University of Washington

Isabelle Spence, 2020
University of Washington

Lucinda J. Boyle, 2019
Oregon State University

Kieran Enzian, 2018
Bowdoin College

Aria Elaine Garrett, 2017
University of Washington

Hannah VanDusen, 2016
Lewis and Clark University

Emalia Hinden, 2015
Hofstra University

Lliralyn McEachern, 2014
Bucknell University

Alec Spencer, 2013
Gonzaga University

Jacob Gateman, 2012
University of San Francisco

Lizzy Corliss, 2011
University of Montana

Christine Swope, 2010
Pacific Lutheran University

Calen Winn, 2009
Western Washington University

Ravenna Koenig, 2008
Barnard College

Monditza Fournier, 2007
Central Washington University

Gregory Pendergast, 2007

Cameron Bard, 2006

Cameron Bard, 2006

Quintin Barnes, 2005
Boston College

Emma Bean, 2004

Brittany Jackson, 2004
University of Washington

Clay Leonard, 2003
Pomona College

Marrissa Griffith, 2002
University of Washington

Owen Farcy, 2001
Emory University

Sarah Meier, 2001
George Washington University

David Farris, 2001
Harvard University

Maranda Murphy, 2000
Brigham Young University

Caroline Slack, 2000
Oberlin Conservatory

Ian Van Gelder, 2000
Albertson College

Joseph McMullin, 1999

Tegan Horan, 1999
Occidental College

Krisa Gardner, 1999
Wesleyan University

Peter Kirkpatrick, 1999

Lisa Nourse, 1998

Kathryn Kirkland, 1998
University of Washington

Annie Hancock, 1998
Seattle Central

Julius Carlson, 1997
Oberlin Conservatory

Meredith Cleland, 1997

Jolee Darrow, 1997

Corinne Broom, 1996
Arizona State
University of Washington

Julie Ling, 1996
Western Washington

Delaney Sullivan, 1996
Rhode Island School of Design

Rebecca Sears, 1995

Shanon A. Cox, 1995
University of Montana
Central Washington University

Erin E. Mayberry, 1995

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